Tariq Aziz, A legendary Personality of Pakistan

Tariq Aziz, The First Radio and Television Host

Introduction: Celebrities Remember Tariq Aziz as an Icon of Their Childhood Dekhti ankho ur sunty...
Malik Muhammad Saad Khan

Malik Muhammad Saad (A Brave Police Officer)

Introduction: The young Malik Muhammad Saad was martyrdom in a suicide attack on 27th January 2007. He martyred while...
Abdur Rahim, The Famous Judge of Pakistan

Abdur Rahim, The Famous “Judge” of Pakistan

Introduction: Abdur Rahim is known to be a famous Judge of Pakistan due to his services given to...
Molana Tariq Jameel, An Islamic Preacher of Pakistan

Maulana Tariq Jameel, A Famous Preacher of Islam

Introduction: Maulana Tariq Jameel is known to be a famous preacher and scholar of Pakistan. He became famous in...
Najeeb Ahmed Khan famous for 8-Pass Charlie.

8 Pass Charlie “An Unsung Hero of Pakistan”

(Squadron Leader Najeeb Ahmed Khan '8 pass charlie') Introduction: Date of BirthN/ADate of Death6th...