Ashfaq Ahmed was born at “Muktsar” of Punjab when the British rule over India. He had to fond of books and novels, he had been a “writer, playwright and the broadcaster” of Pakistan. He wrote many books, novels, short stories, television and also worked on radio in Pakistan. The “President’s Pride of Performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Excellence star)” awarded Ashfaq Ahmed because of his working in the literature field and broadcast [1]. Here, we discuss Ashfaq Ahmed biography.

Date of Birth22nd August 1925
Place of birthSri Muktsar, India
Death & place7th September 2004, Lahore, Pakistan.
Cause of DeathPancreatic Cancer
Early educationNative district, Sri Muktsar
Higher educationInternational Boarding high school, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
BooksTalqeen Shah,
Aik mohabbat so Afsany,
Tota Kahani,
Mann Chale Ka Sauda,
Farhang Istalahaat”
Awards“Pride of Performance Award (1979)”
“Sitara-e-Imtiaz awarded by the President of Pakistan”

Early Life of Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ashfaq Ahmed was born on 22nd August 1925 in Muktsar of Punjab. There Britishers rule over India. He was from an ethnic family of the Mohammad Tribe”. He got his early education from his town Muktsar before Pakistan came into being in 1947. His family settled in Lahore, Punjab. He completed his Urdu Literature in Masters from “Government College Lahore”. He married “Bano Qudsia”, she was also a classmate and had a firm grip in Urdu literature. She was also a student at Government College [1].

Ashfaq Ahmed while he was recording a program of Zavia
Ashfaq Ahmed while he was recording a program of Zavia

Ashfaq Ahmed had a fond of traveling, can speak Urdu, English, French and Italian languages instead of his paternal language Punjabi. He traveled to a lot of countries, especially in Europe [1].

Life Career of Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ashfaq Ahmed wrote many stories that were published in “Phool (Flower)” magazine. Many of them were for the children. When he came back to Pakistan from Europe, he wrote Urdu literature stories in “Dastaango (storyteller)”, joined the Pakistan radio, and wrote scripts. Ashfaq Ahmed was the popular editor of “Urdu weekly & Lail-o-Nahar (Day and night)” by the Government of Pakistan [1].

Ashfaq Ahmed with his Wife Bano Qudsia
Ashfaq Ahmed with his Wife Bano Qudsia

He became famous among the towns and villagers after starting his program on radio and became “Taqleen Shah (Preacher)” in 1962. The “Markazi Urdu Board” appointed the director, later named “Urdu Science Board”. He held to this post for about 29 (Twentynine) years. He worked there till 1979 on the board. During the Zia-ul-Haq’s period, he remained as an adviser in the “Education Ministry”. Ashfaq Ahmed wrote about 30 books in his life. In 1955, His “short story (Afsaana), Gadarya (Shepherd)” was famous. Another achievement was that he built the building of the Central Board in Lahore [1].

Radio Plays (short Dram) [1]:

1. Taqleen Shah (1962).

2. Baithak (Guest Room).

Shows for Television [1]:

Ashfaq Ahmed old image when he was young and worked on radio
Ashfaq Ahmed old image when he was young and worked on radio

1. Zavia.

2. Tali thallay.

3. Uchhay Burj Lahore De.

4. Tota Kahani (1970).

5. Aik Mohabbat So Afsaany (1975-1976).

6. Aur Dramay.

Books of Ashfaq Ahmed [1]:

Ashfaq Ahmed and Zavia Program
Ashfaq Ahmed and Zavia Program
  1. Zavia (Part 1).
  2. Zavia (Part 2).
  3. Zavia (Part 3).
  4. Aik Mohabbat So Afsaany.
  5. Mann Chalay Ka Sauda.
  6. Gaddarya: Ujley Phool.
  7. Safar-e-Maina.
  8. Tahli Thallay.
  9. Mehman Bahaar.
  10. Vidaa e Jang.
  11. Changez Khan ke Sunehri Shaheen.
  12. Khattya Wattya.
  13. Tota Kahani.
  14. Qumkaar.
  15. Garma Garm.
  16. Haft Zubani Lughaat.
  17. Dosroon Se Nibbah.
  18. Aik Hi Boli.
  19. Band Gali.
  20. Mehman Saraey.
  21. Baba Sahiba.
  22. Safar Dar Safar.
  23. Ucche Burj Lahore De.
  24. Tilisam Hosh Afza.
  25. Aur Dramay.
  26. Nangy Paun.
  27. Hasrat Tameer.
  28. Jang Bajang.
  29. Aik Muhabbat So Dramay.
  30. Hairat Kadah.
  31. Shaahla Kot.
  32. Guldaan.
  33. Dheenga Mushti.
  34. Shora Shori.
  35. Dhandhora.
  36. Arz-e-Musannif.
  37. Fankar.
  38. Mukhtalif Muashron Mein Aurat Ki Hasiyat.

Death of Ashfaq Ahmed:

Ashfaq Ahmed died on 7th September 2004 because of pancreatic cancer. His grave is in Model Town, Lahore. During his life, he came across a smile on many people, wrote stories, and worked for Pakistan. May ALLAH rest his Peace. Ameen!! [1].

Ashfaq Ahmed Death due to the pandemic disease of Cancer
Ashfaq Ahmed Death due to the pandemic disease of Cancer

After Death years:

Ashfaq Ahmed was a very fan of “Sufism” in his last years of life. Because of the attraction towards “Sufism”, he was very close to “Qudrat Ullah Shahab, Mumtaz Mufti, and Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan”. He was mostly with his fans in the PTV program “Baithak (Guest Room) & Zavia (An angel)”. He answered the questions fast but was satisfying to every person. Most of the younger students which asked question. The tribute was given to Ashfaq Ahmed in “Allama Iqbal Open University” in November 2004. Space has been formed in the literacy world after the death of Ashfaq Ahmed, chairperson, National Language said. The chairperson, the Pakistan Academy of Letters, also give tribute to him and said that he worked hard for the people of welfare and he will remain in the heart of all people [1].


Pride of Performance Award (1979).

Sitara-e-Imtiaz awarded by the President of Pakistan.

Books for Reading [2]:

You can read books from the links.

1. Zavia (part 1)

2. Zavia (part 2)

3. Zavia (part 3)

Gadaria Ujlay Phool گڈریا-اجلے-پھول
Gadaria Ujlay Phool گڈریا-اجلے-پھول

4. Gaddarya

5. Safar Dar Safar


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