Ashraf Aman-The First Pakistani K-2 Climber

AShraf Aman, Mountaineer Of Pakistan


Ashraf Aman was born on 15th January 1938 is a Mountaineer, Adventurer, and an Engineer from Pakistan. In 1977, he turned out to be the first Pakistani to arrive at the highest point of K2. He works for travel and the travel industry-based organization Adventure Tours Pakistan. ATP has orchestrated a few fruitful undertakings to 8000ers. He is additionally VP of Alpine Club of Pakistan [1]. The Pakistani mountaineer that made a name in the globe are Samina Baig and Hassan Sadpara.

Basic informationAshraf Aman
Date of Birth15th January 1938.
Place of BirthAliabad, Hunza, Pakistan.
Age82 years old
UniversityElectrical Engineering (BTech) from the N.E.D Engineering University
Career time1962 – present
OccupationAdventure tours Pakistan
Famous forMountaineer, expeditions, and Adventurer.

Early Life and Education:

Aman was born in Aliabad, Hunza, Pakistan. He got a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from N.E.D. Designing University, Karachi. He got his early education from the native city from the local school of Hunza and did his intermediate from the college of the area of Hunza, Pakistan [1].

Ashraf Aman with the international sportsman
Ashraf Aman with the international sportsman

Mountaineering Accomplishments and Respects [1]:

  1. 1962–Nanga Parbat Expedition with Germans, Awarded Himalayan Tiger.
  2. 1967–Member, Pakistan Czechoslovakia joint Expedition, Awarded Gold Medal.
  3. 1971/76–Mountain Guide in Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush.
  4. 1977–Japan-Pakistan joint Expedition to K2, became the first Pakistani to climb K2 on 7 August.
  5. He had awarded Presidential Award for Pride of execution.
  6. 1980–Member of International Karakoram Project, Awarded R.G.S London Fellowship.
  7. 1982–Member of German Gasherbrum I Expedition.
  8. 1983/84–Mountain Guide with various Mountaineering Expeditions.
  9. 1985–Liaison Officer with Japanese Expedition to Nanga Parbat and Passu Peak.
  10. 1986–Member with Karakoram Himalaya Research Expedition drove by Professor Keith Miller in Tibet and Western China.
  11. 1987/88–Liaison Officer with first Pakistani K2 Winter Expedition during the extraordinary chilly climate from Dec-1987 to Mar-1988 drove by Mr. A. Zawada.

More Awards Won by Ashraf Aman [1]:

Ashraf Aman got award at the event
Ashraf Aman got award at the event
  1. 1988–Manager/Technical Engineer with K2 Italian Scientific Expedition for estimating K2,
  2. Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II from China side drove by Professor Ardito Desio.
  3. 1989–Guided Trekking bunch on Biafo Hispar Glacier.1990–Expedition to Mount Meckaulan Alaska.
  4. 1991–Explored Chillinji Trek, First guided gathering on Chillinji pass.
  5. 1992–Built two pulley spans on Karakoram River and foot track among Ishkoman and Warguth.
  6. 1995–L.O. French Spantik Expedition. Acquainted Chinese Mountaineers with Pakistani Mountains.
  7. Baltoro Trek with BBC World Service.1996–Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek.
  8. 1997–Climbed Mont Blanc in the event of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Pakistan.
  9. Pioneer French-Pakistan joint Nanga Parbat Expedition.
  10. 1998–Search for French mountain climber Mr. Eric Escoffier on Broad Peak.
  11. 1999–Awarded Gold Medal UND DEI CENTO in Milan.

Rock-Climbing Preparing for Young People:

On 26th June 2008, Ashraf Aman visited Quetta Baluchistan to direct the National male-female youth Rock-climbing instructional class went with Nazir Sabir and Hayat Ullah Khan Durrani the camp had composed by the Alpine Club of Pakistan and Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan as a piece of advancement and improvement of Rock-climbing Adventure sports in the youth of Pakistan [1].

Ashraf Aman became the first Pakistani to conquer K2 in 1977. It was an honor to run into him in Gilgit last week
Ashraf Aman became the first Pakistani to conquer K2 in 1977. It was an honor to run into him in Gilgit last week


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