Samina Baig to Attempt K2 Summit

Samina Baig, First Female Pakistani Mountaineer


Samina was the first to climb the pinnacle Chashkin Sar (over 6,000 meters) in Pakistan in 2010, which was later renamed Samina Peak after her. She arrived at the culmination of ‘Koh-I-Brobar’ (‘Mount Equality’) in 2011. An endeavor at the seven-kilometer-high Spantik Peak finished in disappointment for Baig, because of antagonistic climate conditions [1]. There are two more famous mountaineers of Pakistan who made a name in the world, Ashraf Aman and and Hassan Sadpara.

Basic informationSamina Baig
Date of Birth19th September 1990
Place of BirthShimshal, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Date of DeathAlive
Place of DeathAlive
Age30 years old.
UniversitySpecial Communications Organization Rawalpindi
Career time2013–present
Famous forMountaineer,

Early Life and Purpose:

Samina Khayal Baig was born on 19th September 1990 is a Pakistani high-height mountain dweller. In 2013 ascended Mount Everest and afterward each of the Seven Summits by 2014. She is the main Pakistani lady to climb Everest and the Seven Summits. She is additionally the first and most youthful Muslim lady to climb Mount Everest, having done at 21 years old [1].

Samina Baig plans to lead first women's team to scale Ever
Samina Baig plans to lead first women’s team to scale Ever

Baig originates from Shimshal town in Hunza Gojal, Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan, and had prepared in mountaineering from the age of 15 by her sibling, Mirza Ali. She is an understudy of Arts and started ascending when she was just four years old. Besides the Himalayas, Baig has used as a mountain guide and campaign pioneer in the Hindu Kush. The pinnacles of Karakoram. Baig has been an expert climber since 2009. Special Communications Organization (SCO), a telecom administrator in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan has selected her as its Brand Ambassador. The agreement marking function had held at base camp Special Communications Organization Rawalpindi. Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa and different authorities of SCO were available at the event [1].

Climbing Mount Everest:

Samina Baig turned into the main Pakistani lady to climb Mount Everest on 19 May 2013. Indian twin young ladies Tashi and Nungshi Malik joined her in climbing Mount Everest and they together roosted public banners of India and Pakistan. One next to the other on the peak, to spread a message of Indo-Pakistani fellowship and peace. In a meeting with her sibling before the rising; Baig likewise expressed that the undertaking was an exhibit of sexual orientation equality. Samina’s Brother Mirza Ali, around 248m short from the highest point of Everest, released his sister to the culmination of all alone, without his help, to introduce a message of female strengthening in Pakistan [1].

The Express Tribune detailed that Baig had utilized no valuable oxygen. Even though The Hindu revealed she had arranged the opposite. On 1st April, Baig and friends ascended the Nepalese south face of the mountain. The endeavor to the culmination took 48 days, the group navigated the South Col pass in eight hours, with the mountain dwellers arriving at their aim on the 60th commemoration of Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing’s first effective success of Everest. The President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari complimented for the accomplishment of her [1].

Samina Baig sets eyes on Seven Summits
Samina Baig sets eyes on Seven Summits

Seven Summits:

“Samina Baig caught the entire seven highest points at just 23 years old. We had the best honor to lift our green banner on the seven highest points,” said Mirza Ali who went with Samina Baig on the seven culminations experience, refreshing his Facebook page. Mount McKinley and Mount Elbrus (3–24 July 2014); The two flew out to Russia, after summit Mount McKinley on 3 July 2014 in Alaska, where they pushed to catch the most elevated mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus, which is 5,642 meters tall.

At 9 am on 24 July 2014, Samina Baig remained at the head of Mt Elbrus, the most noteworthy top in Russia, with her sibling holding the Pakistani banner high for an image. With this culmination, the 23 years of age climber finished the test of ascending seven of the most elevated mountains around the globe, including Mount Everest, which she vanquished in May 2013 [1].

Carstensz Pyramid (March 2014); In March, Samina Baig and Mirza Ali arrived at the head of the 4,884 meters-high Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya), the most elevated top in Indonesia. Mount Kilimanjaro (February 2014); Mirza Ali and Samina Baig arrived at the culmination of Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) in Tanzania in February 2014. Mount Vinson (January 2014); Baig and Ali effectively scaled the 4,892-meter Mount Vinson in the planet’s southernmost landmass around 1 am PST as a component of a five-part group, the Alpine Federation said. Mount Aconcagua (December 2013); In December 2013, they climbed Mount Aconcagua in Argentina, the most noteworthy top in South America. The Alpine Club of Pakistan revealed the couple showed up at the head of Aconcagua–which is 6,961 meters (or 22,838 feet) high [1].

I've climbed Everest but I can't get funding' Samina Baig on the sexism on the highest altitude
I’ve climbed Everest but I can’t get funding’ Samina Baig on the sexism on the highest altitude

In Mainstream Society:

In February 2018, UNDP named Baig Pakistan’s National Goodwill Ambassador. A narrative film Beyond the Heights had additionally made on her campaign to Mount Everest [2].

“I ever met no goals without a little sweat”

Presently I am doing to present that lady, which is a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for me. She is…… Samina Baig. She is an inspiration for me as well as for each Pakistani woman. What is her aim? What he did unique?…. Now, we simply move towards her excursion, rather she succeeded or not? [2]

Samina Baig touching new heights
Samina Baig touching new heights


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