Håkon Wium Lie is a Norwegian web pioneer, a guidelines dissident, and the Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software. From 1998 until the program offered to new proprietors in 2016. He is most popular for creating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) while working with Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at CERN in 1994. As you know that Tim Berners Lee already invented the Html (Hypertext Markup Language), for adding style and give a handsome look, we use CSS in the HTML document. . Here, we discuss Håkon Wium Lie | Inventor of CSS.

Basic InformationHåkon Wium Lie
Date of Birth16th July 1965
Place of BirthHalden, Norway,
Date of DeathAlive
Place of DeathAlive
Age55 years old.
High School / CollegeØstfold University College, West Georgia College
UniversityThe University of Oslo
OccupationInventor & scientist
Famous forCascading style sheet (CSS) for web designing
TitleInventor of CSS
Other worksPolitics, Civic activities
AwardsIn 1999, MIT Technology Review TR100. In 2001, he was a Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2017, Wium Lie held a keynote at We Are Developers Conference 2017.

Håkon Wium Lie Early Life and Education:

He was (born on July 16, 1965) is a Norwegian web pioneer, a principles extremist. Chief Technology Officer of Opera Software from 1998 until the program offered to new proprietors in 2016. He is most popular for creating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) while working with Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at CERN in 1994 [1].

Training and vocation:

Håkon Wium Lie went to Østfold University College, West Georgia College, and MIT Media Lab. He got an MS in Visual Studies in 1991. On 17th February 2006, he effectively shielded his Ph.D theory at the University of Oslo. His Ph.D proposition is the foundation of the causes of CSS and reasoning to a portion of the plan choices. Behind it especially for why a few highlights were excluding and why CSS abstains from attempting to become DSSSL. He has worked for, among others, the W3C, INRIA, CERN, MIT Media Lab, and Norwegian telecom research in Televerket [1].

About Håkon Wium Lie Norwegian software engineer (1965)
About Håkon Wium Lie Norwegian software engineer (1965)

Started Career in Web Standards:

While working with Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at CERN in 1994. He proposed the idea of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). As an exhibit and testbed, he incorporated CSS into the Arena internet browser, which turned into the primary CSS usage.

After joining W3C in 1995, he chipped away at the CSS details, including CSS1, CSS2, and RFC 2318 (March 1998). Most of these details created with Bert Bos, who was viewed as a co-maker of CSS. Throughout the following decade, CSS set up itself as one of the basic web guidelines, with a significant effect on typography, style, and availability on the web.

Alongside his work on the CSS determinations, Wium Lie has been a lobbyist for norms. In 2005, he composed an open letter to Bill Gates of Microsoft to Håkon Wium Lie. He inquiring why Microsoft’s Internet Explorer didn’t uphold normal web principles. A couple of days later, when Bill Gates reported that Internet Explorer 7 would be dispatched. Wium Lie reacted by dispatching the Acid2 challenge to Microsoft. Albeit focused at Microsoft, the Acid2 test was likewise hard for different programs. From that point forward, Acid2 and the resulting Acid3 have set up themselves as benchmark tests which all programs estimated against [1].

Håkon Wium Lie demonstrates the twisting screen
Håkon Wium Lie demonstrates the twisting screen

Wium Lie Text Styles and Designs:

In 2006, Wium Lie began lobbying for programs to help downloadable web text styles using normal text style designs. Starting in 2011, all significant program sellers have actualized web textual styles thusly.

In 2007, Wium Lie began lobbying for the video component to make it simpler to distribute video on the web. At Google I/O in 2011, Wium Lie introduced the video component in blend with the WebM design which Google had publicly released [1].

In 2008, he represented a gathering of specialized advisory group individuals who surrendered over the choice by Standards Norway to decide in favor of the endorsement of OOXML [1].

Advanced Idea of Printing and Techniques:

Wium Lie has likewise advanced the idea of printing from the web. The third release of his book on CSS, co-created with Bert Bos, delivered from HTML and CSS documents. They then changed these records over to PDF by the Prince XML + CSS formatter. In 2005, he joined the leading body of YesLogic, the organization that makes the Prince formatter. Expanding on his involvement in web printing, in 2011 Wium Lie proposed to stretch out CSS to help pagination on screens. He has contended against the utilization of arranging items and CSS Regions on the web[1].

CTO of Opera Software:

In April 1999, Wium Lie joined Opera Software in Oslo, Norway as CTO. His move was propelled by observing Opera developers gain more ground on actualizing CSS in a quarter of a year than what Netscape and Microsoft had accomplished in three years [1].

At Opera, he started the advancement of portable programs, specifically little screen delivering of website pages. Little screen delivering empowered Opera to show typical pages. On the little screens found on highlight telephones running the Opera Mini program. Opera Software recorded an objection against Microsoft in the EU over Internet Explorer in 2007, Wium Lie was a representative. Focusing on the requirement for Microsoft to completely uphold web principles in their program. Show’s protest prompted a settlement where Microsoft began offering rival programs from a program decision screen to Windows clients in Europe, and Wium Lie announced this a triumph for the web [1].

Interview with Håkon Wium Lie. The inventor of CSS explaining
Interview with Håkon Wium Lie. The inventor of CSS explaining

In 2013, Opera began a slow change from its own Presto web motor to the WebKit motor additionally utilized by Safari and Google Chrome. Wium Lie said that it appeared well and good to work with the open-source networks than to keep building up its own motor [1].

Political and Metro Exercises:

In 2005, when lawmakers announced destruction against promoting towers on open asphalts in Oslo, Wium Lie began the lobby. In 2009, Stans! no recorded suit against the city for permitting promoting pinnacles to inherent public spots, and the city thusly purchased the publicizing towers and destroy them. After it eliminated the publicizing towers, Stans not has kept neutralizing different promoting in the public space.

To urge patrons to help the OLPC venture, in 2008 he requested 100 workstations and transformed his Oslo home into a brief OLPC town. In 2012 he helped to establish the Pirate Party of Norway. He ran as their competitor in the 2013 political decision and the 2019 political race. In 2014, he proposed to use the two unused Norwegian TLDs (. sj and. bv) to make protection improved zones [1].

Critical Commitment to New Oslo Opera House:

Wium Lie is a self-pronounced social sweeping, and he has contributed financially to social and political causes. In 2007 he gave a critical commitment to the new Oslo Opera House. In 2017, he was an underlying speculator in the Norwegian online paper Reset expressing it was important to help give a stage to Helge Lurås, a pundit of NATO crusades in Afghanistan and Libya, and Bjørn Ihler, an overcoming of the Utøya slaughter [1].

Wium Lie is against Norwegian enrollment in the EEA and when the gathering Alliansen from as an enemy of the EEA party in 2017. He was on the political decision list for parliament for Akershus. Nonetheless, Wium Lie reprimanded the gathering before the political race because of its moving stage [1].

Bert Bos & Håkon Wium Lie about CSS Reset on CSS Day 2017
Bert Bos & Håkon Wium Lie about CSS Reset on CSS Day 2017

Wium Lie Volunteer Site and Parliament Changes:

In 2018, Lovdata sued Wium Lie for distributing Norwegian court choices on, a volunteer site. Under 24 hours, the site shut by the Oslo court, and Wium Lie condemned to take care of the lawful tabs of Lovdata. Under Norwegian law, they did not permit court choices absolved from copyright yet Wium Lie to show up in court. In the wake of this choice, people from the Norwegian Parliament have requested changes in how Lovdata is composed. The case has been advanced and will be chosen by the Supreme Court of Norway [1].

Later life:

Wium Lie lives in Oslo, Norway. There, he has begun electronic missions against tall structures and promoting in the public space. Wium Lie additionally keeps up a carpentry studio and runs a natural ranch[1].

Grants and acknowledgment:

In 1999, he named to the MIT Technology Review TR100 as one of the best 100 trend-setters on the planet younger than 35. After, In 2001 he was a Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In 2017, Wium Lie held a feature at the “We-are-Developers” Conference 2017, discussing his commitments to the web today with the production of CSS, and how it has developed along with the web itself up to its present status[1].


Håkon Wium Lie CTO of Opera & Founder of CSS
Håkon Wium Lie CTO of Opera & Founder of CSS

Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of HTML which is the worldwide web (WWW). He is known as the father of the website created and invented by him. He created and used the first website. It was used in the University locally for private use. After that, it was been opened to the local public and now it is commonly used all over the world. Without the web and the internet, no one can communicate and without the internet, life looks boring. After that, his companion invents Lie invented another language for making the website look better and giving it style.

He is known to be the father of a cascading style sheet. He worked with Tim Berners-Lee in the W3C. Now he is working at the Opera and also living with his family. He has fond of classical music and painting. He said that, if CSS not invented, the designers would have very difficulties in designing the website and making their website differ from others.


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