Robert William Thomson PRSSA FRSE from Stonehaven which is located in Scotland. He was the inventor of the Fountain pen and the original inventor of the inflated tire. In his life, he did many inventions. Some of Robert William Thomson inventions remained incomplete while some are completed without any notes or any description, no one know about some inventions that he wanted to invent or made.[1]

Basic InformationRobert William Thomson
Date of Birth29th June 1822
Place of BirthStonehaven in the east of Scotland
Date of Death8th March 1873
Place of DeathEdinburgh, Scotland
Age51 years old
SchoolLocal School in the United States of America
Career starts1846- 1873
Famous forTire
Other WorksFountain Pen
TitleFamous for making Tires and Fountain Pens in Scotland
SpouseN / A
AwardsRoyal Society of Edinburgh

Some Other Inventors of Different Things:

The names of the great Scottish creator’s job effectively off the tongue; John Logie Baird (TV), Alexander Graham Bell (phone), Charles Macintosh (waterproofing), James Watt (steam motor pioneer), and John Dunlop innovator of the inflatable tire, or should that read re-designer of the inflatable tire[2]?

Read and Re-Invent the inflatable Tire:

Robert William Thomson Invented Tire
Robert William Thomson Invented Tire

Surely it should read re-innovator; the inflatable tire was truth be told protected by one of Scotland’s generally productive, however now to a great extent failed to remember, designers, Robert William Thomson on 10 December 1845, exactly 43 years before John Dunlop’s re-creation. Thomson’s “Ethereal Wheels” were, therefore, showed in Advisers Park London in 1847 and established to all current that the two of them could lessen appeal and improve traveler comfort. Yet, who was Robert William Thomson, and what else did he imagine[1, 2]?

Born and Initial Life of Robert:

Robert was born in Stonehaven, on Scotland’s northeast coast in 1822; he was the child of a locality woven plant owner and was the 11th of twelve kids. Initially bound for the service, he had unexpected trouble dealing with Latin and was in this way bound to consider an elective talent course[2].

Move towards the United States of America:

Leaving school at 14, Robert was sent to stay with an uncle in Charleston in South Carolina, USA, to become familiar with the exchange of a shipper. Yet, this didn’t speak to him either as he got back two years after the fact.

He at that point revealed something that he could do, and fast showed himself science, power, and astronomy with help from a neighborhood weaver who had some information on arithmetic[2].

Workshop to Robert by his Father:

His father gave a workshop to him when he was only 17, and apparently, this brightened his creative and creative side.

Dec. 10, 1845, The Pneumatic Tire, an Idea Ahead of Its Time
Dec. 10, 1845, The Pneumatic Tire, an Idea Ahead of Its Time

He quickly re-planned, re-constructed, and made generous improvements to the functions of his mom’s washing ruin. He likewise planned and collected a tie saw and a model revolving steam motor.

In the wake of serving his training with a designing firm in Aberdeen and Dundee, Robert began work in Edinburgh as an associate to a structural specialist. Engaged with some significant structure and destruction projects, he built up a strategy for exploding dangerous charges distantly utilizing power.

Contrasted and the set up “light the blue touch paper and run” routine of the day, Robert’s new and moderately safe strategy more likely than not saved endless lives throughout the long term[2].

Moving to London:

With the great amount of nine pounds in his pocket, Robert set off for London searching for a new test and entered the quickly extending field of railroad designing. He began to work for the promised worker’s Sir William Cubitt and Robert Stephenson, however in the end shaped his railroad guidance in 1844[2].

Patent his Invention of Tire in 1845:

the fist pneumatic tryes ever made as displayed at the Imperial International Exhibition at White City
the fist pneumatic tires ever made as displayed at the Imperial International Exhibition at White City

Thomson was just 23 when in 1845 he applied for the patent that would leave his name on the world Patent No 10990. The inflatable elastic tire or “spectral wheel” as Thomson referred to it would ultimately change street travel from a difficult progression of knocks and shocks to a calm smooth ride by giving a pad of air between the street and vehicle itself[2].

Regardless of the verifiable focal points of the inflatable tire, Robert’s development was approximately 50 years relatively revolutionary, as back in 1845, not fully there were no engine vehicles, yet bikes were just hardly beginning to show up on town and city roads. This absence of interest along with the high creation costs reduced inflatable tires to simple interest. Steady, Robert continued to patent the standard of the source pen in 1849[2].

Post in java:

In 1852 Robert accepted a post in Java, filling in as a sugar estate engineer improving existing hardware for the creation of sugar and planning new gear, including the main versatile steam crane and water-powered dry dock.

The Two Inventors and the story of the Tires at Scotland
The Two Inventors and the story of the Tires at Scotland

It was additionally while in Java that he met and wedded Clara Hertz, with whom he had two children and two girls. The family in the long run got back to Edinburgh in 1862, because of Robert’s infirmity[2].

His medical illness doesn’t seem to have eased back Robert down, however, as in 1867, he built up the primary effective mechanical street haulage vehicle, a steam foothold motor. Also, he licensed strong India-elastic tires which implied that his heavy steam motors could go along the streets without harm to the surface. By 1870 ‘Thomson Steamers’ were being made and sent out the world over[2].

Death of Robert William Thomson’s:

Robert passed on 8 March 1873 at his home in Moray Place, Edinburgh, at the usually early age of 50 and was covered in Dean Cemetery. Yet, even this didn’t back him off as the rest of the fourteen licenses enrolled to his name, this time for useful belts, was recorded sometime thereafter by his significant other, Clara[2].

It would be exactly 15 years after this that another Scot, John Boyd Dunlop, would re-design Robert Thomson’s inflatable elastic tire. Just this time the world had made up for a lost time, bikes were presently regular spots and those modern engine vehicles were starting to show up, thus it was that the name of Dunlop, as opposed to Thomson, would be recorded in the set of experiences books[2].

Bronze Plaque for Commemoration:

Who invented the pneumatic wheel
Who invented the pneumatic wheel

A bronze plaque that remembers the tribute of Robert Thomson’s introduction to the world would now be able to be found on a structure toward the south side of Stonehaven’s Market Square. Every year in June, vintage vehicle owners and their machines collect for a Sunday gathering out of appreciation for the incredible man[2].


Many inventors invent different things that are popular and useful for humans. Daily life products are invented by scientists and former inventors. But the inventions made by Robert William Thomson are very helpful for every human being. This invention made everyone move from one place to another in the world. The tires which are using in daily life routine invented by Robert William Thomson. He also invented the Fountain Pen that is now using in daily routine. There are many inventors on our website, visit, and share your precious comments in the comment section. So, we can improve our content.


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