Marvi Memon is a Pakistani Politician who served as a chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Program. She became a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Marvi Memon joined Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Quaid in 2007 and later joined Pakistan Muslim League (N) Nawaz in 2017. She got her early education from Karachi, Sindh Province, Pakistan, and later for higher education moved to London.

Basic InformationMarvi Memon
Date of Birth21st June 1972
Place of BirthKarachi, Sindh Province, Pakistan
Date of DeathAlive
Place of DeathAlive
Age49 years old
SchoolLondon School of Economics
High School / CollegeB. Sc. (Economics) International Relations in 1993
CareerPakistan Muslim League (Q) in 2007, Pakistan Muslim League (N) in 2012
Other worksMember of the National Assembly of Pakistan
FatherNisar Memon
SpouseIshaq Dar
AwardsSpeaker’s Democracy Award by the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, French National Order of Merit by the French Ambassador to Pakistan in Islamabad

Early Life and Education:

Marvi Memon was born on 21st July 1972 in Karachi. As of now, Marvi is living in a similar city. Marvi is the daughter of the senior administrative and Senator Nisar Memon. Marvi got her underlying preparation in her old city. She similarly concentrated in Kuwait and Paris. Later she enlisted herself in the London School of Economics and achieved her high-level training in International Relations [1, 2].

Youngest Pakistani Business Women:

Maryam Nawaz of Pakistan Muslim League(N) with her
Marvi Memon with Maryam Nawaz of Pakistan, Muslim League Nawaz (N)

We know Marvi Memon as a Politician. We allude Pakistani councilman to for having selected as the Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support program. Someone similarly alluded they have designated her as a representative and individual from the National Assembly of Pakistan throughout 2008 until 2018[1, 2].

Marvi Memon is one of those Pakistani government heads known for her help of women reinforcing, Youth care, as a specialist, and as the youngest CEO of Pakistan. She is moreover the CEO of her firm, Lifelong Consultancy. She is moreover the CEO of her firm, Lifelong Consultancy. Marvi began her political calling with PMLQ and thereafter joined PMLN. Besides her political occupation that started in 2007, she has an especially engaging, capable business [1].

She has worked in Citibank of Pakistan as a Marketing and Quality control director, Executive Media Officer in ISPR, and advocate Musharraf’s association. She improved with 26 years of master duty with corporate organization, business, wagering with notice atmosphere emergency directors, and some more [1].

Marvi Memon Marriage News with Ishaq Dar:

It is said that she not hitched, yet it is bogus. It is said that she is the ex of the CEO of KTN media, Ali Kazi.

Ishaq Dar & Marvi Memon got married on 31 July 2016
Ishaq Dar & Marvi Memon got married on 31 July 2016

They have a kid named Murtaza. In the get together of PMLN, out of the blue, the news articulated that she married Ishaq Dar, who was the Finance Minister.

She savaged on Twitter for a particular number of days. The media uncovered she wedded Ishaq Dar for 1.5 million Haq Mehar. A short time later, the senior author, Mubashir Luqman, also presented documents affirming their marriage. The news not affirmed nor denied publically that further emerged inquiries in the brain of everyone [1].

Marvi Memon Professional Career:

Marvi Memon Political Career:

As appeared by Marvi, it was Musharraf who invited her to policy centred issues. As she was an Advisor to Musharraf’s association, she had close relations with government specialists. In 2007, she joined PMLQ and picked as a person from the National Assembly from PMLQ on a saved seat in Punjab. She had set high political measures. That was the clarification that she left the social affair when it aligned with PPP. During Marvi’s first residency as a section, she was a person from various warning gatherings that join a person from the standing leading group of trustees for Environment, Technology, and Kashmir [1].

Marvi Momen, Promoter of Women:

SAMAA - Marvi Memon doesn't want to hit PML-N when it's Down
SAMAA – Marvi Memon doesn’t want to hit PML-N when it’s Down

As she is a promoter of women’s reinforcement, she jogged on regions like Acid and Burn Crime law, sanctioning for the Institute of Parliamentary Services, an assessment establishment, Obligations for Airlines, Agriculture, and worker’s privileges.

After her quietness for a short period, she conjectured she would join Pakistan Tahreek Insaf, yet she annoyed when she joined PMLN. After a short time, they picked Marvi as a person from the National Assembly on a saved seat from Sindh. In this residency, she made the chief of the Standing Committee for Broadcasting and Heritage [1].

Chairperson of BISP:

In 2015, she chose a Chairperson of BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme). She was in like manner given the status of the Minister.

PM asks president to send her packing as BISP Chief
PM asks president to send Marvi Memon packing as BISP Chief

Someone correspondingly picked her as a person from the Advisory Council on Gender and improvement at World Bank in 2017. She stopped work after the prevention of Nawaz Sharif. Again, she enrolled in the late outlined department of Khaqan Abbasi. This time she served until the deterioration of the public authority [1].

Marvi Memon Other Work:

Marvi Memon Journals:

In 2012, she conveyed her Parliamentary Journals that are the records of her normal changelessness as a parliamentarian [1].

Marvi Memon As a Chairperson of BISP:

Caretaker govt decides to remove her as BISP chief
Caretaker govt decides to remove Marvi Memon as BISP chief

As she stated, BISP gives the government’s inability to people throughout the world. She communicated it gives monetary help to 5.7 million low-pay families. She furthermore said that BISP doesn’t simply offer cash related guidance yet, business open entryways moreover. It goes after two models: The Inclusive Business Development model and the Direct Cash Model [1].

Vast Education System for the Youngsters:

Under her supervision, she viably began Education cash to save 2,000,000 youngsters from kid work. She similarly operationalized the Women’s warning gathering. It is the greatest women reinforcing the arrangement of 17 million women arranged on budgetary thought, food, and women fortifying. To ensure straightforwardness in the BISP, she introduced biometric portion modes. She conveyed new essentialness to the program [1].

Marvi Memon Connection with PMLN:

Her association with PMLN didn’t remain more grounded. It should be the segment of the accused relationship with Ishaq Dar.

Marvi Memon lashes out at party leadership
Marvi Memon lashes out at party leadership

She moreover centered on her gathering on Twitter. Her tweets were haggling for the Sharif family. She represented that the Party authority relegated a commitment it would eliminate to two senior lawmakers to keep her from her remarks over gathering matters now and from the gathering as the condition controlled. She not allowed the ticket in the 2018 decisions [1].

Marvi Memon Awards:

The House of Commons of the UK and French National Order by the French delegate to Pakistan granted her a Speaker’s Democracy Award [1].


The conclusion is that Pakistani Women are also becoming famous in the world. Many women in the world got fame in the world. But Pakistani women are also very able in all fields. Marvi got an education from Karachi and later moved to London for more education. After that, she joined the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and also joined the Pakistan Muslim League (N).


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