Early Life of Anwar Kamal Pasha:

Anwar Kamal Pasha was born on 23rd February 1925 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, he was a filmmaker in the film industry of Lolly wood, Pakistan. He remained as a producer and director of making films from Lahore, Pakistan. The Important thing is that he was the son of the famous poet Hakim Ahmad Shuja and the spouse of the Pakistani film actress Shamim Bano [1]. There were many writers, producers and directors, some have been passed away and some are alive. There are few persons that are Khawaja Khurshid Anwar, Anwar Kamal Pasha and others.

Basic informationAnwar Kamal Pasha
NationalityPakistani, Indian
Date of Birth23rd February 1925
Place of BirthLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Date of Death13th October 1987
Place of DeathLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Age62 years old
Marital StatusMarried
CollegeForman Christian College, Lahore.
UniversityMaster of Arts degrees at the University of Punjab
OccupationFilm, TV, Stage & Radio
Active since1949–1987
Filmography1949- 1987
Famous forDirector and Producer of Lolly wood film Production
AwardsNigar award for 30 years of excellence in 1981,
Nigar Award for Best scriptwriter film Watan in 1960.

The Education and Life of Anwar Kamal Pasha:

Anwar Pasha got his early education from the local school of Lahore and completed his matriculation. After that, he took admission to the Forman Christian College, Lahore, for completing his intermediate education. He had too fond of acting and becoming a hero in movies and films. Because of this purpose, he got admission to the University of Punjab, Lahore, and earned a Master of Arts degree. He commonly scripted, produced, and directed his films, which represent society, norms, and values. These films represent poverty, love, social strata, suicide, moral decay, and death [1].

Anwar Kamal Pasha interviewed by S.M.Saleem
Anwar Kamal Pasha interviewed by S.M.Saleem

Training to Other People:

Anwar Kamal Pasha trained and introduced many new personalities to the film industry of Pakistan, who made a name for them and there are many personalities which were the students of Anwar Kamal Pasha include film directors M.S. Dar, M. Akram, Altaf Hussain (film Director), music directors Master Inayat Hussain and after that his younger brother Master Abdullah. He also introduced many actors and actresses in the Pakistan film industry, which made a name in the country, these are “Aslam Pervaiz, Sabiha Khanum, Musarrat Nazir, Nayyar Sultana, Bahar Begum, and Rani” [1].

Death of Anwar Kamal Pasha:

Anwar Kamal Pasha made about 24 movies. Anwar Kamal Pasha died at 62 years old on 13th October 1987. He left his legacy as one of the creator producers and directors for the Pakistani Cinemas [1]. Because of the production and writing of Anwar Kamal Pasha, there were many other writer, producer and directors that had their name like, Khwaja Khurshid Anwar and Riaz Shahid and many others.

Filmography [1]:

The major films produced and directed by Anwar Kamal Pasha between the era of 1949 and the year of the 1980s given below.

Films [1]:

i. Shahida in 1949

ii. Do Ansoo in 1949

iii. Gabhroo in 1950

iv. Dilbar in1951

v. Dupatta in 1952 (assisted major director Sibtain Fazli; the movie’s story was written by Hakim Ahmad Shuja-sb)

vi. Ghulam in 1953

vii. Gumnaam in 1954 (with music by Master Inayat Hussain and some lyrics adapted from a famous poem by Hakim Ahmad Shuja)

The Names of Anawar Kamal Pasha
The Names of Anawar Kamal Pasha

viii. Inteqam in 1955

ix. Qatil in 1955 (with two film songs by composer Master Inayat Hussain and song lyricist Qateel Shifai)

x. Dullah Bhatti in 1956 (written and co-directed with M.S. Dar, with music by Ghulam Ahmed Chishti)

xi. Chann Mahi in 1956 (Punjabi) (with music by Rasheed Attre)

xii. Sarfarosh in 1956 (with music by Rasheed Attre)

xiii. Zulfaan in 1957 (in the Punjabi language)

xiv. Laila Majnu in 1957

xv. Anarkali in 1958 (with songs by Rasheed Attre and Master Inayat Hussain)

xvi. Gumrah in 1959

xvii. Watan in 1960

xviii. Mehboob in 1962.

xix. Sazish in 1963

xx. Safaid Khoon in 1964

xxi. Parohna in 1966

xxii. Khana Dey Khan Parohne in 1974

xxiii. Wehshi Gujjar in 1979.

xxiv. Sher Khan in 1981 (in the Punjabi language, with film songs by music director Wajahat Attre)

xxv. Border Bulletin 1983.

Awards and Acknowledgements [1]:

i. Anwar Kamal Pasha got the Award Nigar special Award for 30 years because of Excellence in the year 1981.

ii. Anwar Kamal Pasha again got the Nigar Award for Best Scriptwriter because of the Film Watan in the year 1960.

Anwar Kamal Pasha the producer, writer and director since 1925- 1987
Anwar Kamal Pasha the producer, writer and director since 1925- 1987


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